New Members:
RonsAngels is a site that has been built from the ground up to work perfectly on Apples new iPad. This is because the iPad reduces everything. So to keep the quality as high as possible we have made everything on the web version larger than life.
Kara Duhe:
Most artists need an inspiration to do their best work; and Kara Duhe is mine. Having been a renowned photographer for over fifty years, I can say without a doubt my best photographs were done since Kara entered my life. READ MORE...

This Months Models:

Why Join RonsAngels ?

"We only photograph the most beautiful models we can find. No pigs with lipstick here ! Rons Angels is a site for winners who cannot waste there time, scrolling through hundreeds of horrible looking skanks. Most sites have mostly the last girl at the bar at closing. All of our girls are worth haveing or we would not waste our time photgraphing them". -ron harris

Women are Stronger (than Men):
Find out why and what it means to you. I'll bet you thought women were the emotional ones? Guess again. READ MORE...
The Future of Art Photography:
True art always has a new way of looking at the world we live in. All major artists have refined their technical skills to perfection and are able to make great photographs, on demand! READ MORE...
Supermodel Egg Donations:
The truth about these scams. And the reasons that all mothers want pretty babies.
Big Tits - Big Dicks equals Zero:
Why you do not want a relationship with one of these nightmares.
World Famous Aerobicise:
7 hours of the show that made Showtime famous! 70 five minute segments - ten collector editon segments shown every month. These collector DVD's sell for a lot of money on eBay. These are digitally remastered and the quality is sensational. You will keep these collector videos for years.
Next Issue:
Find out why we have the most beautiful models in the world. How we cast our models will help to explain where these girls are hiding. READ MORE...
Ron Harris' Camera Up-Close & Dangerous:
See the trailer and one segment free. We will show 15 minute segments every month. After this run is finished, we will air all six one hour segments of "Naturals", shot on a white turntable which is Ron Harris' trademark style. We spent six months looking for ten perfect tens! READ MORE...
Art Store:
Every month you can download a super hi-res 16 bit 20MB TIFF file that you can use to make a super high grade print. You can mount it and hang it on your wall. The fully mounted and signed photograph is available on this site for $500.00. Ron Harris guarantees that he will make and sign only ten copies. These are limited edition collector items. READ MORE..
Tales of Kara Duhe:
Kara has grown as a model and as a woman, since she started modeling for me. She is like a diamond, and I have been entranced with capturing the ever changing facets of her personality, as she evolves in front of my camera. Kara and I have documented the last three years of our studio work together on HD Video in a candid, documentary style. READ MORE...
No Shame:
There is no shame looking at nude women. Most major cities of the world have naked statues celebrating women as inspiration and mothers, without which we would not be here. The Catholic Church has funded more nude statues of women than any other organization. RonsAngels does not show actual sexual activity and therefore is exempt from 2257, however all models were 18 or more at the time of the shooting. We maintain all appropriate documentation. READ MORE...
Ron Harris:
Fourty years as a renowned New York, fashion/erotic photographer. Over 25,000 published photographs. 450 Art Directors awards, 13 gold medals. READ MORE...