Women are Stronger (than men):
By Ron Harris

The Dance of Energy
The answer must be so Compelling... so Beautiful.
That we will say: How could it have been otherwise...

A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity
of its premises, the more different are the kinds of things
it relates and the more extended its range of applicability.
- Albert Einstein

An Artists Viewpoint -

"Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" was a best selling book, because it helps you understand what works and how you can get what you want from life. What I will attempt to do is show you the true mathematical and predictable way mother nature works, which is the biology of the book. I will show you how you can see and understand everything by looking at the shapes of nature. From women to [flowers], from [fine art], to contemporary fashion, photographers, supermodels and my own models. We will journey together in pursuit of the truth that we can measure and prove. If we understand how the organism works we much more likely to achieve our ultimate goal, of getting better looking children than we are, to the next generation and beyond. This is our destiny to keep evolving.

Helen Fisher Ph.D. Anthropology, in her book "The Anatomy of Love" says the most important act you can perform is that of making love, for it is only then you can get your genes to the next generation. And of course the scientific definition of life is the ability to reproduce. Most people in old folks homes, say the most important thing in there whole life, was having their children and grandchildren.

There is of course another way to help evolution. That is to change our perceptions and beliefs. So that the next generation does not make the same mistakes we have made. Many intellectuals have opted to leave their teachings for the next generation rather than their genes.

This next century will see the Chinese, the Muslims and the blacks come into their own. These cultures have a different set of values and will probably help set into motion the destruction of many of our most loved social institutions.  James Burke Ph.D. who did the Connections series for PBS and writes a monthly column for Scientific American, had predicted the fall of most our social institutions. Primarily because of how the internet will impact knowledge.

In 1972 Rene Thom, (one of the Worlds leading mathematicians) said in his book "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis,"

"The masculine sex has a more elliptic nature than the feminine sex: perhaps this can explain why males are more hairy than their mates and are biologically more fragile". pg. 99

As an amateur scientist and a professional artist at the top of my profession I was immediately struck by Mr. Thom's profound statement. This idea became my passion and has brought me closer than I would have ever dreamt to an understanding of life. Shapes, particularly spherical and elliptical designs, are the best measure of the human form. With this ability, to measure the human body, it becomes very easy to understand the fundamental difference between men and women. I realized what Mr. Thom was saying about male and female organs could just as easily be said about the fundamental shapes of their bodies. Consequently it should be possible to measure the shapes of our cells to ascertain the structural stability of our individual bodies. Giving us new insight into our longevity and behavior. READ MORE...