• 50 years as a renowned New York fashion photographer

• Over 25,000 published fashion photographs of supermodels in all major women's and men's fashion magazines

• 15,000+ fashion and commercial advertisements for Fortune 500 Companies

• Produced & Directed 900+ National Television Commercials

• 450+ Art Director's Awards & 13 Gold Medals

Producer & Director:

• Aerobicise® - Nominated For The "Cable Ace" Award - The worlds highest grossing exercise videos. Premiered July 4, 1981 on ShowTime - making it the worlds first aerobics show and video. (Paramount Home Video 1982-1995). Bob Klinginsmith, former President of Paramount Home Video said in the Hollywood Reporter: "If Leonardo DaVinci were alive today, he would be doing what Ron Harris does with a camera."

• 20 Minute Workout - 95 1/2 hour exercise shows in syndication for 15 years and 57 Countries. It is the longest running, highest grossing syndicated exercise show ever. (Orion Television 1983-1996)

• Author of "Aerobicise® 20 minutes a day" - Simon & Schuster 1985

Producer & Director For Playboy Television 1995 - 1999

• "Ron Harris' Camera Up-Close & Dangerous"

• "Ron Harris' Star Shapes" - Seven One-Hour Specials

• "Naturals" - Five One-Hour Specials. When Playboy Television wants a truly classy show, they have often turned to Ron Harris. In the last four years Playboy has aired all thirteen Ron Harris specials hundreds of times, all shot on Ron's signature white background with a rotating white turntable.

Rons Angels:

In 1999 Ron launched www.ronsangels.comm the world's first egg and sperm auction site. The controversy and press that was generated by this site was phenomenal. Every major TV station and major newspaper featured Ron and this site. Millions of people visited the site in the first month.